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I'm Theresa, the author and face behind this blog. I'm a full time interior designer in the UK, moonlighting as a baker. Treets is all about showcasing and sharing my recipes, experiments, testing of other food bloggers' recipes. Coming from a family of chefs I've always had an interest in food and cooking. But the main reason is probably the sheer gluttony…  I enjoy the whole process of creating yummy food more than I do tasting them, would you believe. I enjoy the science behind cooking, the procedures and processes and how one ingredient affects another. Since starting this blog I've learnt so much and has allowed me to practice my other interest of food photography. I'm still a newbie to it all but I feel so inspired looking at other food blogger's photos, or when flicking through glossy pages of a food magazine. The food, the light, the props. I love it.

If you're reading this then you clearly must be someone who shares my love of cake/ cookies/ desserts. Basically anything deliciously sweet and undoubtedly does no good to your hips. Hopefully you'll see something you like and possibly try baking at home. Please leave me comments- I'd love to think what you guys think :)

And if you're happening to wonder why I've called my blog Treets… People pronounce my name different- I say Tuh-ray-zah, some say Tuh-ree-zuh and there are some that pronounce it as Tree-zuh, leading to me being called 'Tree' at times. I don't mind. I answer to all! So Tree + Treats = Treets. Ta-dah! And it's not because I'm bad at spelling…

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Interior designer & part time baker. Lover of architecture, design and all things cute.